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No matter how expensive or heavy-duty a faucet or shower is, it is bound to incur issues due to aging and daily use. While mindful use and maintenance play a major role in the need for repairs, faucets and showerheads will eventually reach their end of life or would have usage issues that would require professional repair or replacement.

This article will discuss how homeowners should deal with failing faucets and showerheads. Likewise, the write-up will talk about the most common faucet and showerhead problems, and how to avoid these.

Dealing with faucet and shower problems

One of the most common faucet-related problems is a dripping or leaking faucet. This is usually due to wear and tear, and it happens when the washer has gotten worn out. Another common faucet issue is having a broken handle. Apart from accidents, this usually happens when the faucet is mishandled. It is also an indication of possible low quality of workmanship.

Showerheads may also manifest the same issues. Water could leak or drip from the showerhead due to ordinary wear and tear, or misuse. Check out the Foviance plumbing contractor list here.

Water pressure meantime is an issue that could affect both showerheads and faucets. The high water pressure might cause leaks and could even hurt hands or body parts when the pressure is excessive. Low water pressure on the other hand is indicative of leaks within the system if it happens daily. It is inconvenient since it will take longer to do chores and other hygiene habits with low water pressure.

Professional plumbing repair

Homeowners should immediately have their failing faucet and shower repaired, even before they cause more damage. Failing faucets can also cause leaks that could in turn cause water damage and could inflate utility bills. Seeking the services of a professional plumber is crucial since licensed plumbers can correctly and efficiently repair or replace faucets and showerheads.

While Do-It-Yourself repairs and plumbing resources may seem practical, there is a higher risk of committing disastrous mistakes. Unlike licensed plumbers, homeowners do not have the required training and, the necessary tools and equipment to repair or replace a failing faucet or shower.